About Us

Our Motto : Always Better Price

Welcome to DiscountMill, a service that was founded with one goal in mind – to help gather the best offers, deals and coupon codes for a wide range of informational, instructional and educational products, all in one place. We cover the entire gamut of products which can help you improve your life for low cost: fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, intimacy, relationships, various natural treatments, software, finance, skill acquisition and much more.

Hidden Treasures of the Internet World

We understood then that the world is lagging behind the full potential that Internet, a decentralized information-wealth generator, can offer. Imagine all those hundreds of millions of people who each have their own rich experiences, problems and self-made solutions. Be it from teaching you how to learn to play piano at record speed, how to lose weight effectively without ever gaining it back, how to cure some condition you mistakenly thought was chronic, to acquiring software that could revolutionize your business/work practice…

Traditional institutions that served as gateways to all thought and new insights have no longer place in the emerging digital world.

Without doubt, such precious guides to life’s many problems must be filtered and funneled to one place – DiscountMill, so it would be easier for everyone to find solutions for their problems, at the lowest price possible.

Grow with Us

As the service grows, we will continue to scour the Internet for all the best discounts & coupons of the most helpful products, which have the biggest potential of improving your life in all of its aspects.