Can You Make Your Acne Scars Fade?

Have you been asking yourself whether or not acne scars fade? Very much depends on the severity of the acne and type of scar. Any significant acne scarring will not fade away completely on its own. However, there are many methods and techniques that you can use to fade scars and discoloration: bleaching creams, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion procedures are the most common. If you’re wary of these types of treatments, you can also try some natural remedies. They may take longer but they do work in many cases.

Before applying any fading mixtures, wash off your face with your cleansing product and water to get rid of any excess dirt or oil. It’s worth mentioning that, although it may seem like the right thing to do, washing your face frequently when you have acne just makes the situation worse. Acne is not caused by dirt and washing your face too often can dry out your skin. This, in turn, causes the skin to produce more oils which is what you definitely don’t want. So do not overcleanse your face.

One of the easiest ways to treat acne scars is with lemon. Just squeeze lemon juice from one lemon into a bowl and mix it with about a cup of water. Apply the mixture to the scarred areas and leave it there for a few minutes every day (2 times at the most per day). The fading will be very gradual.

Baking soda can also help acne scars fade. The best way to use it is as a scrub. Mix a small amount of baking soda with enough water to make it into a sort of paste. Rub your skin lightly with this paste in circular motions for about 30 seconds and then rinse it of well. This exfolliates your skin which helps with acne and scarring.

Olive oil and rosehip seed oil have properties that regenerate skin and fade scars. Rubbing these oils into the scars a few times a day has been known to diminish their appearance.

Calamine lotion is another “potion” that can get rid of red marks and help reduce skin discolorations. Use a Q-tip to apply the lotion to the scars. It’s recommended that you put it on at night and sleep with it on your face for the best results. It will dry and you can then just rinse it off in the morning.

Rubbing Vitamin E oil into acne scars at least once a day is also effective. Vitamin E is recommended by dermatologists as a way to fade acne scars because of its moisurizing characteristics.

If these don’t seem to work or if you are more interested in a procedure that can get you immediate results, you can try bleaching creams and various surgical treatments. They are more expensive but the results come quicker.

The above information about how acne scars fade does not substitute medical advice given by a health professional.

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