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Stop Tinnitus Ear Ringing to Gain Silence.  Strongest Calm Silence Formula Ever!

Unlike what people think, Tinnitus is a widely common medical condition. Globally, more than 600 million people are suffering from this disease, which is 10% of the world’s entire population.

There is one other thing surrounding tinnitus: it is not a disease, but more of a symptom. Actually, it damages the message sending & receiving nerves that leads to cause horrible Tinnitus. If you want to overcome tinnitus, you must repair the tinnitus causing nerves and brain impairment.

Yes. People have been spending thousands of their hard-earned money to stop the buzzing sound inside their heads, which is the most prominent way tinnitus announces its existence inside the human body, but none of the traditional medication work, until now.

What is Silencil™?

Silencil is a new NATURAL formula containing special natural ingredients that are very important to help eliminating inflammation in brain and ending ringing in ears along with shielding yourself against tinnitus and memory disease. 

The blend of ingredients Henry Sanders used in this supplement makes energy levels in cells maximized, causing better communications between synapses of auditory cells in brain cortex. This improves your hearing and enhances your ear cells.

Because of that, Silencil is considered as an effective supplement for curing tinnitus and making you in a FULL SILENCEThat’s why Silencil is called THE STRONGEST CALM SILENCE FORMULA EVER.

Unlike other supplements, this one doesn’t need any diet or hard exercises beside it.

In short, if you want to eliminate ringing in ears in an easy way, or improve your ears function, or you want to have a fresh brain with better memory, then Silencil is for YOU!

How Does Silencil Works?

Clinical studies have shown that chronic tinnitus is not related to your ears, but with an insidious inflammation happening inside your brain at this very moment. Sadly, brain related diseases like memory loss, dementia and many other dangerous ones start with this inflammation.

Your tinnitus is the red flag of something much worse that’s yet to come. Here’s a short to the point explanation on how this formula works:

STEP 1 – Selected nutrients squash your brain inflammation

Remember, the root cause of tinnitus is a brain inflammation that is damaging your nerve cells and is causing you to hear that hellish noise. The first thing you will notice after taking this supplement is the immediate lowering of your tinnitus.

And that’s because of skullcap and hawthorn plants that contain powerful nutrients that mixed together eliminate inflammation directly on your nerve cells and so they stop vibrating which results in total silence of your mind and ears.

STEP 2 – The noise in your ears vanishes

Finally, once inflammation is eliminated from your brain, your nerve cells start to heal and regain their strength, as well as your neuronal networks rejuvenate.

STEP 3 – Your mind and brain become sharper and rejuvenated

This is where good things start to happen. Your focus and memory become sharper, better, clearer. Your brain is now 10 years younger since there tinnitus is out of your system.

STEP 4 – You shield yourself against tinnitus and memory disease

Now, the entire purpose of this supplement is not only to set people free from tinnitus but also protect their brain against this debilitating disease on a long run. And also shield it against memory loss or other brain related diseases.

STEP 5 – Your entire health and wellbeing starts to improve

In just a few weeks you’ll be tinnitus free, your hearing will be sharp, your mind will be quiet, and peaceful and you’ll be protected against deadly brain disorders. And because this blend is so powerful, every single cell of your body will start to transform and rejuvenate.



Silencil is a dietary supplement that has a plethora of benefits attached to it alongside the actual results obtained with the daily consumption.

 Stops the continuous ringing in ears.

 Repairs damaged brain cells and boost the production on new brain cells.

 Improves the clarity of mind.

 Relaxes your mind and improves cognitive functioning.

 Enhance your memory naturally.

 Improves your focus and boost the level of concentration.

Key Ingredients

This supplement is made up of 100% natural ingredients. Thus it has no side effects on health. Silencil contains 28 incredible ingredients, all perfectly combined in the right quantities so that they destroy tinnitus in a matter of weeks.
Some main ingredients are:
  • Skullcap and Hawthorn: These miracle plants contain nutrients that mixed together eliminate inflammation directly on your nerve cells and so they stop vibrating which results in silence of your mind and ears.
  • Oat Straw: Oat straw not only puts an end to your tinnitus, but also helps your brain function better, improves your memory and focus.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: It acts like a guardian and helps prevent any further inflammation on your brain. It supports healthy brain, heart, lungs and it has the ability to improve motivation and wellbeing.
  • Rhodiola: This plant is extremely powerful because it also strengthens your brain’s neurotransmitters and improves brain functioning.
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Potassium: These vitamins and minerals act like steroids for your brain. These ingredients supercharge your brain, strengthen your nerve cells and give your mind clarity and focus. Your memory becomes sharper, better and clearer. 
  • Gamma AminoButyric acid /GABA: It is an extremely powerful neurotransmitter, essential for the human body. Studies have shown direct link of tinnitus to low levels of GABA.
  • L-Theanine: It works together with GABA neurotransmitter to supercharge your brain, memory, focus and energy levels. It also helps to keep you safe against memory disorders like memory loss, amnesia, dementia and other deadly brain diseases.
  • Ashwagandha: This miracle plant not only helps you break free from tinnitus, but also reduces blood sugar levels, stress and anxiety. 
  • Chamomile: It boosts immune system, reduces stress, nourishes skin and prevents bone loss.

Pro and Cons of Silencil

Pros :
– All natural
– Zero Side Effect
– This formula will show the right path to solve the tinnitus problem
– Improves ear funciton
– Easy to take, just once daily
– Proven Effective
– Made in the USA
– 60-Days Money-back Guarantee
– Limited stock available
– Recommended for people aged 18 or older
– Not available in stores, only available here online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where To Buy Silencil?

Silencil is a revolutionary and unique dietary supplement which provides the solution to your tinnitus problems. It works effectively and quickly with minimal efforts. It tackles not just inflammation itself but also the well-being of both our body and our minds. The product helps to enable you to live a peaceful life without the constant interference of a ringing noise in your ears.

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